Rooted in the fertile soil of the Special Economic Zone, BAOKE Stationery has gone through a glorious course of more than 20 years with the pace of reform and opening up. ‘Guangdong Baoke Stationery Co., Ltd.’ was founded in 1997 by Mr. Ma Zhenhai. The ‘BAOKE’ brand, which integrates the creative design, technical research and development, production and sales of writing instruments and office stationery, has been continuously striving and developing steadily and has entered the ranks of the world's leading stationery manufacturing, spreading its business through- out the country, across Asia, Europe and America, and provides high-quality products and efficient services to the global office stationery field.

Today, BAOKE,a progressive company has been always striving to make efforts with innovation, and with its advanced business philosophy, strong competitive strength and excellent brand advantage, has become one of the largest stationery manufacturers in China with the best production capacity, the strongest market competitiveness, the most valuable creativity and the most social responsibility.
It was rated as "China Stationery Production Base" by the China Cultural, Educational and Sporting Goods Association. It has a full-process production workshop of more than 60,000 square meters, a world-leading mold development center and R&D center, and industry-leading automated production equipment and automated equipment research and development capabilities , To ensure that BAOKE can quickly transform ideas into world-class quality products, and will continue to optimize with the technology and efficiency advantages of the "world-class stationery manufacturing base" to always maintain its vigorous vitality!

Innovation has allowed BAOKE to gain infinite vigor and vitality, and continue to promote the progress and development of China's stationery industry. As the vice-chairman unit of China Pen Association, the director unit of China Culture, Education and Sporting Goods Association, the deputy director of Office Supplies Professional Committee of China Culture, Education and Sporting Goods Association, the deputy director of Ballpoint Pen Committee of China Pen Association, the director unit of China International Chamber of Commerce, and the chairman of Shantou Stationery Association unit. BAOKE has successively obtained more than 150 domestic authorized patents, more than 40 trademark registrations of various categories of goods, and has become a member of the National Technical Committee of Pen Standardization since 2012. It has participated long-term in the drafting and revision of national standards . Awarded the "Municipal Enterprise Technology Center" and was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award" by the China Culture, Education and Sporting Goods Association in 2019.
BAOKE, as a strong brand of Stationery in China, has always maintained strict requirements on quality, making BAOKE stationery increasingly a trustworthy writing tool and office partner for people, and an indispensable part in the pursuit of success in life journey. BAOKE take the lead of introduction of the world's top automatic refill production line and assembly line, make every detail behave appropriately, each design element unaware natural. The nib of super-smooth writing technology is flexible and smooth, giving users an unparalleled writing experience and fully experiencing the tactility of the nib moving smoothly on the paper. Combining aesthetics and ergonomics to create just the right lightness and perfect symmetry. BAOKE Stationery has always adhered to the principle of simple design, omitting all unnecessary complexity, and has been always focusing on details and exquisite craftsmanship, unique appearance and impeccable quality, leading office stationery into the BAOKE era.
Based on the construction and operation of the IS09001 and ISO14001 quality management system, each operation process has strict control and continuous optimization, assure the quality of BAOKE Stationery can be sustained and passed on. BAOKE has won the favor of consumers around the world with its nearly perfect super-smooth writing experience and simple and excellent office fashion. The award of "China's Well-known Trademark" is a tribute to BAOKE Stationery.
As a traditional Chinese culture, writing has a long history and is the most true form of human artistic expression, prompting generations to pursue their dreams. The cultural power and inspirational spirit of BAOKE Stationery has inspired generation after generation to move forward and achieve excellence.
With golden quality, created by passion, BAOKE people manage BAOKE’s dream with heart, shoulder BAOKE’s mission with responsibility, and carry BAOKE’s culture and spirit with BAOKE people’s character. After more than 20 years of continuous pursuit and continuous exploration and struggle, "BAOKE" has demonstrated its perseverance and tenacity with its leading market share in the industry; more than 20 years of heroic fighting and rapid growth, BAOKE has realized its glory and dreams with its industry-leading business performance.

Steady development, Fulfilling responsibilities, repaying society, loving China. As a company that takes social welfare as its mission, BAOKE has long-term support for social welfare undertakings, and actively supports environmental protection and ecological civilization construction. Helping the poor and nurturing the weak..., every sharing is shining with the humanity of BAOKE; every charity act embodies BAOKE' s love and contribution. BAOKE has gained about ten awards, such as the National ‘AAAA-level standardized good-behavior enterprises’, ‘High-tech enterprises’, ‘Municipal enterprise technology centers’, ‘Integrity unit’, ‘Key support and protection enterprises’, ‘Top 100 dynamic enterprises’, ‘Advantage cultivation enterprises’, etc. These honors are sincere commendations from all walks of life to BAOKE.

BAOKE Stationery has established a market-oriented and customer-centric business philosophy, and continued to deepen business management and system reforms. The channel construction of BAOKE Stationery is advancing by leaps and bounds. The marketing network has changed from a national office business model in provincial capital cities as the main body, to the establishment of branches in key cities across the country, and the marketing network has spread across the country. BAOKE Office Mall, BAOKE Stationery official flagship store on Jingdong platform, BAOKE Stationery official flagship store on Tmall platform, BAOKE Stationery official flagship store on Suning Tesco platform, BAOKE Stationery official flagship store on Pinduoduo platform, BAOKE Stationery flagship store on Alibaba platform and etc, forming full coverage of online and offline marketing network. While maintaining the leading position in the domestic market, BAOKE has set up marketing branches in Mumbai, India, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and other countries to focus on global business layout.
For every major creative achievement, BAOKE has shared the innovative value of BAOKE Stationery with consumers through influential marketing methods. BAOKE Stationery has long participated in large-scale international and domestic exhibitions such as Sao Paulo Brazil, Dubai in the Middle East, Frankfurt, Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. Every year, BAOKE New Product Promotion Conference is held in major cities across the country. BAOKE has established a multi-level sales system to meet the needs of different customers, and built a strong marketing network, with marketing teams and partners all over the world.
Baoke Stationery spreads BAOKE’s creativity, brand and culture to the world by efficiently integrating global resources, including raw materials, technology, capital, markets, talents and creative culture, and forms a more influential enterprise.
At the beginning of BAOKE' s business, its brand strategy was positioned in the field of business office stationery, taking the road of mid-to-high-end brand and diversified product development. The ‘BAOKE’ trademark covers more than 40 categories of products and has been registered in more than 100 countries and regions including the European Union, the Madrid Union, the United States, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. With continuous brand extension, BAOKE is forming a global brand positioning and influence. The BAOKE trademark was assessed as a "China Well-known Trademark" by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2013.

The BAOKE trademark is based on royal blue, and conveys the brand value of hope, health, innovation and confidence to the world. It shows BAOKE' s style through multimedia, large outdoor advertising, chain stores, and product image counters. For every major innovation achievement, BAOKE will share its innovative value with consumers accompanying the most influential marketing methods. In order to protect the brand image and the rights and interests of consumers, a special trademark rights protection department has been established in BAOKE. It has been committed to trademark counterfeiting and rights protection for a long time, spared no effort to maintain the brand image and increase the brand influence, and continuously strengthen the protection of corporate intellectual property and trademarks. We believe that in the monumental development of China's stationery industry, there is BAOKE' s glory and dream; in the tide of China's continued reform and opening up, BAOKE has its mission and glory. Standing at a new historical starting point, BAOKE is shouldering the mission of providing consumers with high-quality products and efficient services, creating greater value for the corporate, building a broad development platform for employees, and bearing full corporate citizenship responsibility for the society. Moving towards the strategic vision of always being at the forefront of the development of China's stationery industry and becoming a world-class stationery manufacturing base, BAOKE will continue to work hard and stride forward with the constant care and support of all walks of life. BAOKE, let the future be in control; BAOKE, let dreams within reach !
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